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  • Via Sant'Antonio, n°55, Novoli (LE)

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Cala del Salento is the result of Pasquale de Luca and Antonio Mele's experience in the rental of holiday homes and the sale of residential properties. They made their experience available to the customer thanks to the various suggestions carefully selected among the best offers on the market with high quality standards. Cala del Salento pays particular attention to the holiday home rental sector (villas, cottages, flats). This is a constantly evolving sector where the expectations of the modern traveller are increasingly high.  Nothing can be left to chance and only experience provides the right sensitivity to select properties that can adequately meet the client's needs. For this reason we act as professional intermediaries able to support, advise and assist the client in all phases of the holiday: from the booking of the property to the end of the stay. A constant and discreet presence that allows us to intervene in a punctual and precise manner, in a service perspective that has always distinguished us. All this in complete transparency at all stages of the relationship.  Our mission, for both holiday rentals and sales, is to secure our customers' investment by establishing long-lasting relationships.  For this reason, each villa, cottage or flat is selected through rigorous evaluations, respecting high quality standards and paying particular attention to value for money.  Cala del Salento's activities are concentrated in Porto Cesareo area in the province of Lecce, one of the most desirable locations in Salento for tourism. A geographically convenient location to discover other locations that make Salento one of the most popular tourist destinations in Apulia and Italy: Lecce, Otranto, Gallipoli, Galatina, Santa Maria di Leuca. Beaches of fine white sand, breathtaking landscapes, and entertainment facilities surround the villas and flats we offer.  Ideal solutions for everyone, especially families with children, thanks to direct access or proximity to the beaches. The ultimate goal for Cala del Salento is customer satisfaction. A delighted customer is a happy promoter.  That is why we like to think of our work as well as adding value to your holiday experience.